Two ways to boost your digital marketing strategy in your online presence with backlinks

When you first start your social media pages and website it’s inevitable your gaining followers fast and engagement is high. Your company or brand is new, it’s shiny in the eyes of the consumers. But what do you do when it starts to go stale?

Here are two ways to boost your content with backlinks:

Social Media

By now you have realized that your content and consistency matters. You need to have eye-catching photos and captions that grab attention quickly, as I say this I also need to express that this does not include click bait! Posting on a regular basis makes sure that your content is consistently in your consumers feeds.

Photos and videos make your posts more interesting but did you know that third party links do as well?

Yea, they do! Linking to your website helps drive traffic and gives you further insight into how your consumers are interacting with you. Did you write a new blog? Have a new product? Grab that link, make an easy to read, eye-catching caption and throw that link in there on your Facebook post. On Instagram, put that link in your profile and use your caption to direct people there. The consumers you want on your webpage will want to click that link!

On your social media your most likely building a community. A community that is related to your niche and they want to see what you have to say. Nowadays we all string towards outside information like blog posts, podcasts or news articles. These are sources you trust for their valuable information. That information you just received is most likely information others in your community are also looking for.

By sharing backlinks in your social media posts not only are you giving trustworthy knowledge you are also boosting your social media reach to those on the platforms that recognize the original content creator and, trending content always gets seen.

Sharing your community’s content shows that you are a human behind the platform! It’s revealing that you have a voice and personality and you value your consumers.

There is a way however to do this properly. Make sure you are selecting very carefully what you share. Is this article, video or photo from a reputable company or brand? If so, go ahead. If not, think twice. When sharing always make your own caption, you can’t just share the link and leave it willy-nilly. As well you should always mention the original creator of the content AKA give credit!


Ok, we realize what you’re thinking right now. No stinking way! You’re not sharing someone else’s content on something that is yours, that is meant to make you and your business or brand shine.

But there are actually a few reasons why sharing backlinks to someone else’s blog, video or website on your website will benefit you!

First, you write great content for your viewers either on a webpage or a blog in your website, that’s a given, but sometimes people might just be looking for a little extra, and a great way to strengthen that is backlinking to other great, reliable resources.

Leverage those that you look up to!

It’s a no-brainer that some of our inspiration comes from those we trust, a blog we recently read or a video we watched. Using a backlink to the content that inspired you or gave you more knowledge is showing your viewers that you can help them get the more in-depth information they are looking for. This makes your website more valuable and shows them they can depend on your site to help them further into the world wide web. In return this keeps your viewers coming back time and time again.

Build your reputation and community

There are a lot of contributors to the web and many who have super valuable information to share. Like I mentioned earlier when you backlink to another piece of content always make sure it is relevant to what you are talking about, your niche, your values and so on. This is important because you are building trust and your reputation to your viewers but also to those you backlinked from.

When you build a reliable, trustworthy reputation, your community helps spread your word, giving you a broader reach. It also creates incentives for viewers to engage with your content. And your blog, video or website might just be used as a backlink in someone else’s site!

No-brainer SEO

So you want your website to be on the front page of Google when your keywords are searched?

Google’s algorithms evaluate your website and the backlinks you use. It’s a good idea to have a few of them, and It’s key to make sure that the quality of the backlinks your providing are of good quality. In return, this shows that you are providing quality content yourself, and you’re not just a spammy website.

Good quality backlinks include links to blogs or videos that aren’t broken. If they are broken, it could mean that the item doesn’t exist anymore or that the owner of the content has changed where it’s located. So make sure to double check your backlinks before inserting them into your content.

Also, make sure your backlinks are of relevance and not out-of-date. The best way to know if the content your linking to is of good value is to head over to google and give the keywords a search, scroll through and find where the link your using is located. If you need to head over three or four pages that content may not be very relevant anymore.


These are just two ways we believe backlinks work for boosting your digital marketing strategy in your online presence. But the best way to learn what works perfectly for your brand or business is to test out different methods. You know your target market better than anyone and in the big world of the internet there are many ways to use backlinks. So go ahead try ours out and if you have found these helpful in any way, let us know!

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