The rise of TikTok and why your company should be on it!

If you’re a business owner, doing ALL of the things, including your omnichannel marketing, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about many of the social media platforms your business “can” or “needs to be” on. For example, TIKTOK is an app that’s recently increasing in popularity for its ability to offer entertaining content while also reaching a wide audience.

But before jumping on the bandwagon, there are a few pieces within your company that you must look at first in order to organically align these strategies with your company’s brand and core values! This change in the type of content that our audience is attracted to has most definitely changed the way businesses shape their digital marketing strategies. Though using video for marketing is far from a ‘new concept,’ its evolution into the digital world has made it more prevalent than ever before. In fact, over the last five years, there has been an incredible increase in the use of video – making video content king!

According to Social Media Today, video content will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2020 and 86 percent of businesses already use video on their website, while Vidyard statistics recorded that 77 percent of businesses use video on social media. So, if you can start to align your marketing strategies through video content as well, you’ll be setting yourself and the future of your business up for success.

In 2018 A report from BNP Paribas shows that entrepreneurs between the ages of 20 and 35 had, on average, already founded double the amount of businesses as those over 50. With millennials on the front line of their businesses and having grown up with the beginning stages of digital media trends, they have the drive for creativity and expressing in engaging storytelling to capture their audience’s attention.

But with huge platforms like Instagram taking away its vanity metrics we need to be able to capture and engage our viewers more than ever. So where and how do we do this?

As mentioned above, your brand doesn’t need to be on every single platform – but if TIKTOK aligns with your target audience you most definitely should be considering it in your Digital Marketing Strategies. That’s right before you dive into any digital media platform; you need to dig out that ‘ol target profile and get acquainted (if you haven’t already) with who you’re talking to!

With video being content king, the rise of video-focused digital platforms are only going to continue to grow; TikTok, stories on Instagram and Facebook, as well as IGTV and Facebook Watch are all easy, fun and effective ways to reach your audience if the shoe fits. As a digital marketing company, Wildly Digital has hopped onto the TikTok bandwagon, but that’s because it makes sense for us, and the brand message we want to send out to potential clients.

So let’s chat a bit about TikTok- this platform has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. Users can create short videos that can contain talking, music, filters, stickers and few other features. Following along with trends is easier than ever using this app because it’s constantly being updated and you can easily click on someone else’s video that you like and use their audio to create your own parody of their initial video. Before you know it, people around the globe are copying your original video idea and it’s become a trend for everyone to try, so the community involvement is phenomenal. It’s also really easy to generate followers because as of right now, there are no restrictions or limits on what content gets streamed and how often, so anyone has the power to reach millions of viewers in a short span of time if you have the right content of course.

Why would you want to use this app for your brand? Great question!

Gen-Z began using this platform in 2018, but it was mostly known to the general public as ‘just an app for teens to dance on’ that is until the end of 2019 when older generations and more creatives started to use this app to create interesting content.

Before we knew it, TIKTOK became one of the fastest-growing, highest-grossing social media platforms on the market. Even in the last month alone, with the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen a dramatic boost of users and engagements. Making this the perfect time to implement this app into your marketing strategies and social media content creation, if you can feasibly align it with your business model.

For example, there’s a whole section of foodies on TIKTOK, so if you were a local restaurant owner who’s hoping to bring in a younger demographic, some drool-worthy “food-porn” videos may be exactly what you need to boost your brand. OR if you offer a specialized service in the beauty industry, use this app to showcase your specific skills, using the proper hashtags and audio clips, and you could be well on your way to creating a more well-known brand within your community. Of course, all of this is dependant on the specific clientele you’re looking to attract, as it sits right now, people ages 35 and below and the main users on this app. FOR NOW.

As more and more people practise social distancing, the age demographic of TIKTOK users rises, so who knows! The World of internet trends and social media apps is ever-changing, and this one, in particular, is poised to become a universal, digital connector for everyone around the globe.

DO YOU HAVE a TIKTOK? What’s your favourite TIKTOK trend out there right now? Let us know in the comments!

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